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Powerdirector Free

I have been using third-party video editing programs to edit my videos, and the most expensive of them was $3500. Now, I am able to edit some of my videos with this free program but there are many limitations. After reviewing the free version and understanding that not every program has the same features, I decided to try it with a few videos. I found it much more intuitive than any of the other editors that I had been using. Ive only been able to accomplish very basic tasks but I think with time and a little practice, I can become an expert. Adobe has made some great strides with the Premiere Pro CS6 program but even it has several features that are lacking. If you want to edit a video, I strongly suggest that you try Free Powerdirector and see if you can get all of the features that you want and need for less than the cost of a car.

Powerdirector Free

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The link to download the trial version of this program, which has been out since a year now, is still active; youll find it under the downloads tab. If you have a subscription and want to download the full version, everything is on the site, including the interface, as there are no differences. Youll find a short review of the program and a link to where you can leave your comments. Like a lot of programs in this category, you can find a FAQ here, and a number of tutorials in the Help section. Powerdirector comes with some default templates for use in a project that also include a splash screen. You have the choice of adding a short text introduction or nothing at all.

If you ask me, I would say this program is a winner. Maybe not all that much cheaper than Resolve, not as easy to install and not as complete; but it is the easiest to use program that I have tried and I like it a lot. Most of the features in it are easy to add with the help of the tutorial. If you read both the reviews and the articles youll find a few hands-on tutorials that point out a few examples of what the program can do. You can read more about PowerDirector in the link below. Maybe CyberLink will release an updated version of the program, but in the meantime it is a well thought out product that can take you from start to finish, editing, sound mixing and finally post-production. For the novice, it is a good choice, and for the well experienced user it may be a great addition. I found it to be an underutilized program, and I hope we see a more pro version of it soon.

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