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How to Watch Il Confessionale with English Subtitles

How to Watch Il Confessionale with English Subtitles

Il Confessionale is a 1998 Italian erotic film directed by Joe D'Amato and starring Monica Roccaforte, Silvio Evangelista, and Maria De Sanchez. The film is about a priest who hears the confessions of various women who reveal their sexual fantasies and sins. The film is not available on any streaming platform, but you can still watch it with English subtitles if you follow these steps:

Il Confessionale Subtitles


  • Buy or download a copy of Il Confessionale on DVD or online. You can find it on sites like DVD Lady[^2^] or Subtitle Cat[^1^]. Make sure the copy has the original Italian audio track.

  • Download the English subtitles file from Subtitle Cat[^1^] or another subtitle site. The file should have the extension .srt or .sub.

  • Use a media player that supports external subtitles, such as VLC, MPC-HC, or PotPlayer. Open the film file and drag and drop the subtitle file into the player window. Alternatively, you can rename the subtitle file to match the film file name and place them in the same folder.

  • Enjoy watching Il Confessionale with English subtitles!

Note: The subtitles may not be perfectly synchronized with the audio or may contain errors. You can adjust the timing or edit the subtitles using tools like Subtitle Edit or Aegisub.

Il Confessionale is one of the most controversial and explicit films by Joe D'Amato, who was known for his exploitation and horror films. The film mixes religious themes with graphic sex scenes, often involving incest, rape, and voyeurism. The film has been banned or censored in many countries, and has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

The film is divided into four segments, each focusing on a different woman who confesses to the priest. The first segment is about a young girl who seduces her father and brother. The second segment is about a married woman who cheats on her husband with a stranger. The third segment is about a nun who has lesbian encounters with other nuns and a priest. The fourth segment is about a widow who is raped by her son-in-law.

The film is not meant to be taken seriously, but rather as a parody of the Italian erotic genre. The film uses humor, irony, and exaggeration to mock the hypocrisy and corruption of the Catholic Church and the Italian society. The film also pays homage to classic Italian films like La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2, as well as other erotic films by directors like Tinto Brass and Federico Fellini.

Il Confessionale is a film that will appeal to fans of Joe D'Amato and Italian erotica, but may shock or offend others. The film is a provocative and irreverent exploration of human sexuality and morality, with a touch of dark humor and satire. The film is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are curious and adventurous. If you want to watch Il Confessionale with English subtitles, you can follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy this cult classic. e0e6b7cb5c

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