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Darksiders II: A Review of the PS3 Version by Duplex

Darksiders II: A Review of the PS3 Version by Duplex

Darksiders II is an action-adventure game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ in 2012. It is the sequel to the 2010 game Darksiders, and follows the adventures of Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as he tries to clear the name of his brother War, who was accused of starting the Apocalypse prematurely.

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The game features an open world environment, where the player can explore various realms and dungeons, fight enemies, solve puzzles, and collect loot. The game also has a skill tree system, where the player can customize Death's abilities and weapons. The game has four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Apocalyptic, and Nightmare.

The PS3 version of Darksiders II was released by Duplex, a group of hackers who specialize in cracking and distributing games for the PlayStation 3. Duplex released Darksiders II as a torrent file with the name "Darksiders2.R78.Duplex". The file size is 8.14 GB and contains 78 RAR files. The game requires firmware 4.21 or higher to run on a PS3 console.

However, some users have reported issues with the Duplex release of Darksiders II. Some of the problems include freezing, crashing, corrupted saves, and missing audio. Some users have also complained about the quality of the graphics and the performance of the game on the PS3. Some users have suggested using a different release of Darksiders II, such as the one by Eboot Patch or Rogero.

In conclusion, Darksiders II is a fun and engaging game that offers a lot of content and replay value. However, the PS3 version by Duplex may not be the best option for playing it, as it has some technical issues and drawbacks. Users who want to play Darksiders II on their PS3 may want to look for other releases or patches that can improve their gaming experience.

How to Play Darksiders II on PS3 by Duplex

If you want to play Darksiders II on your PS3 by Duplex, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download the torrent file "Darksiders2.R78.Duplex" from a reliable source. You can use a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent to download it.

  • Extract the RAR files using a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named "DUPLEX" that contains the game files.

  • Copy the folder "DUPLEX" to a USB drive or an external hard drive that is formatted in FAT32.

  • Connect the USB drive or the external hard drive to your PS3 console. Make sure your PS3 has firmware 4.21 or higher installed. You can check your firmware version in the System Settings menu.

  • Launch Multiman, a backup manager for PS3. You can download Multiman from its official website or install it from a USB drive.

  • Select the game "Darksiders II" from the list of games in Multiman. Press X to start the game.

Enjoy playing Darksiders II on your PS3 by Duplex!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Darksiders II on PS3 by Duplex

Darksiders II is a challenging and rewarding game that requires skill and strategy. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you play the game better on your PS3 by Duplex:

  • Save often. The game does not have an autosave feature, so you will need to manually save your progress at the Book of the Dead or at the Serpent Tomes. You can also use the fast travel option to save your game.

  • Upgrade your gear. You can find new weapons and armor by looting chests, enemies, or shops. You can also upgrade your gear by using possessed items, which can be fed with other items to increase their stats. You can also use gems to enhance your gear with elemental effects or bonuses.

  • Choose your skills wisely. You can level up your skills by earning skill points, which are awarded every time you level up or complete certain quests. You can choose between two skill trees: Harbinger and Necromancer. Harbinger focuses on melee combat and physical damage, while Necromancer focuses on summoning minions and magical damage. You can also unlock secondary abilities such as Interdiction, Death Grip, or Soul Splitter.

  • Explore the world. The game has a vast and diverse world that is full of secrets and hidden areas. You can find collectibles such as relics, pages, stones, or keys that can unlock new rewards or quests. You can also find side quests that can give you extra experience, gold, or items.

  • Have fun. Darksiders II is a game that offers a lot of freedom and variety. You can customize your character's appearance, skills, and gear. You can also choose how to approach each situation, whether by stealth, combat, or puzzle-solving. You can also switch between different forms of Death: Reaper Form, which unleashes his full power; and Despair Form, which allows him to ride his horse.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you enjoy playing Darksiders II on your PS3 by Duplex! 0efd9a6b88

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