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Where To Buy Florim Usa Tile

In order to be defined porcelain tile, the ceramic must have a water absorption grade lower than 0.5% (percentage of water mass absorbed), which is an almost zero value. This characteristic of impermeability makes it resistant, non-absorbent and high performance in technical terms.Main features:

where to buy florim usa tile

Our porcelain tiles are 100% fire-inert and there is hence no risk of damage in the event of exposure to naked flames and they do not contribute to fire intensification andpropagation. They do not release toxic substances, gases or fumes of any kind and, in case of fire, provide considerable protection to the structures on which they are applied,strongly reducing the thermal stress to which they are subjected.

The results of specific studies have pointed out that the level of natural radioactivity in these materials is not a source of potential risk for persons that live in houses wherefloor and wall tiles are laid

The debris resulting from porcelain tile demolition is inert (unreactive, chemically and physically stable, resistant to prolonged exposure to extreme conditions from the thermal,hygrometric and chemical point of view) and can be disposed of in the environment without any particular risk, as well as finding use in the preparation of foundations, etc.

Please call our customer care representatives for any questions or details regarding our product line or to help you with your renovation. Come over to view the amazing product we have to offer or access our on-line tile pattern library.

Florim Milestone USA offers luxurious Italian-designed porcelain and ceramic tile manufactured in the heartland of America. The North American division of the Florim Group, an international innovator in porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tile, has a long history of producing high fashion, top-quality products. The Florim group is headquartered in Sassuolo, Italy, where the European design team develops cutting-edge products. The state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility located in Clarksville, Tenn., features the latest tile technologies and advanced printing equipment. This company boasts some of the most versatile projects, with tile applications for both commercial and residential projects. $(document).ready(function() $("#pcontainer").toggle(); $(".btn2").click(function() $("#pcontainer").slideToggle(); ); ); #btn2 background: #00000;text-color: #40431; Most importantly, this company is committed to sustainability, producing environmentally friendly tile products for both interior and exterior applications. Many of these tile products contain up to 40 percent recycled material and are made using eco-friendly production processes that minimize their negative environmental impact. Collections such as the Natural Selection and iStone lines are luxurious examples of responsible, sustainable practices in action. Popular collections include the Quartztech line, a granite-inspired tile style that effortlessly captures the look and feel of natural stone, and Urban Landscape, a sleek and sophisticated modern porcelain tile with minimal variation for a very uniform look. The addition of Forest and Plantation redefine wood-look tile floors with the highest level of realism offered in tile flooring. Both collections express the intricate nature of hardwood flooring for timeless floors with multi-dimensional appeal. Whether the space is contemporary or traditional, avant-garde or classic, Florim USA offers a premium tile to make design dreams come true.

We create quality from the inside out. Our ceramic and porcelain products are superior because of the raw materials manufactured into each and every tile. To denote this internal quality and to identify our superior tile, we have created marks of distinction for all American Florim products.

Florim USA Tile partners with flooring stores in and around the Los_angeles CA area to offer you the best selection of ceramic and porcelain youll find anywhere. Your local Florim USA Tile flooring retailer knows about flooring products and can help guide you with your ceramic and porcelain purchase.

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone is pleased to introduce our new relationship with Florim USA. Florim USA is domestic factory that has Italian style and quality tiles. As an industry leader, their lines are rarely surpassed in quality or style and are excellent for commercial and residential installations.

To kick off our new relationship, we are excited to announce the addition of Galaxy. Galaxy is an industry favorite, and offers the best of both worlds. Galaxy fuses the essence of sandstone with the splendor that only a porcelain tile can provide. This unique tile collection has the appearance and grace of natural stone, but the durability of porcelain tile. With a beautiful and a neutral color palette, this stone-inspired collection provides the elegance and style that your space desires.

Florim USA is committed to the environment & the development of ecologically sound building products. We recycle powders, pastes, & residues from the industrial processes. We also purchase glass bottles from a local landfill and recycle our tile back into the manufacturing process. These efforts allow us to offer products that help earn LEED points without compromising the efficiency of the plant and products.

We are the proud owner of one of the largest and most technologically advanced porcelain facilities in North America. Florim USA is a leader in the porcelain tile industry; committed to the continued technological innovation of its processes to create products that increasingly meet the demands of the market. 041b061a72

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