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Zandalee 1991 Movie Torrent 57

Zandalee (1991)- This is in my top 5 cheating wife movies of all time! A very beautiful Erika Anderson was the wife, married to her husband who was a poet and loved him dearly.But the spark was missing in their marriage as the husband got busier in his business.Then showed up the husbands childhood friend-a painter by trade-a very young hunky Nicolas Cage.From the moment Nicolas Cage set eyes on his friends wife,you knew instantly he wanted to fuck the wife and he started his seduction.When he finally seduced the wife-that sex scene was just too hot.He absolutely fucked the shit out of the wife and the wife was screaming in pleasure.But this was not the hottest scene of the movie! that goes to the scene where Nicolas Cage fucked the wife in her own house while her husband and mother in law were having dinner in the dining room.While fucking her Nicolas Cage asked the wife-Would she allow him to fuck her while her husband was just few feets away in the other room and the wife answered YES! Cage fucked the wife standing while the wife was sitting on a washing machine and he was fucking her so hard,the whole was machine was loudly shaking and husband could literally hear the sound from the other room.Another hot scene was -after cheating several times on her husband,the wife felt guilty and went to church to make confessions.Cage followed her to the church and fucked her on the altar after her confession!

Zandalee 1991 Movie Torrent 57


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