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How To Download Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl For Free UPDATED

Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl: A Comprehensive Guide for GATE Aspirants

How to Download Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl for Free

If you are preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), you might be looking for a good book that covers all the topics of the syllabus and provides you with ample practice questions. One such book is Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl, which is a popular choice among GATE aspirants of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

In this article, we will review the features, pros and cons of this book and help you decide whether it is suitable for your preparation or not.

What is Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl?

Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl is a series of books that covers the entire syllabus of GATE ECE in a concise and comprehensive manner. The books are written by R.K. Kanodia and Ashish Murolia, who are experienced authors and educators in the field of engineering.

The series consists of 10 books, each focusing on a specific subject of ECE, such as Analog Circuits, Communication Systems, Control Systems, Electromagnetics, Network Analysis, Signals & Systems, etc. Each book contains brief and explicit theory, problem-solving methodology, detailed explanations of examples, and practice exercises.

The books are available in PDF format, which makes them easy to access and download. You can also print them out if you prefer hard copies.

What are the benefits of Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl?

Some of the benefits of using Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl for your GATE preparation are:

  • The books cover all the topics of GATE ECE syllabus in a point-to-point and explicit manner, which helps you to develop the fundamentals of the subject.

  • The books include all the concepts and formulas that are essential for solving GATE questions. They are highlighted for quick revision and reference.

  • The books follow a step-by-step problem-solving methodology that helps you to understand the logic and technique behind each solution. They also provide alternate methods for some problems, which gives you more flexibility and choice.

  • The books contain well-explained examples that illustrate the application of theory and concepts to practical problems. They also enhance your problem-solving skills and speed.

  • The books provide practice exercises that contain multiple choice questions that are similar to GATE questions. They test your conceptual understanding and accuracy. They also include previous year GATE questions for each topic.

What are the drawbacks of Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl?

Some of the drawbacks of using Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl for your GATE preparation are:

  • The books are not updated regularly to reflect the changes in the GATE pattern and syllabus. Some topics may be missing or outdated.

  • The books do not provide solutions or explanations for the practice exercises. You have to refer to other sources or online forums for doubts and clarifications.

  • The books do not cover some advanced topics or concepts that may be asked in GATE. You have to supplement your study with other books or materials for a complete coverage.

  • The books do not provide any mock tests or online tests for self-assessment and evaluation. You have to rely on other sources or platforms for testing your performance and progress.


Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl is a good book series for GATE ECE aspirants who want to study the basics and practice multiple choice questions. However, it is not sufficient for a thorough and comprehensive preparation. You have to use other sources or materials to cover the gaps and enhance your preparation.

If you want to download Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl for free, you can visit some of the websites that provide PDF versions of the books. However, we recommend you to buy the original books from online or offline stores to support the authors and publishers.

We hope this article has helped you to know more about Gate Book By Rk Kanodia Pdfl and its features, pros and cons. If you 04f6b60f66

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