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Where To Buy Electric Wine Opener _TOP_

For those with grip issues, or those looking for an opener that can handle multiple bottles without tiring out your hand, we recommend the Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener. In our tests, this rechargeable electric opener worked faster and just as easily as one that cost twice as much, and its slender profile makes it easier for smaller hands to use.

where to buy electric wine opener

We tested each corkscrew by, well, opening bottles of wine. Not surprisingly, they all worked exactly the same. We found the process to be even easier than we expected, and had the process down after the first bottle. None of the openers fell apart, and none broke the cork. The double hinge makes a big difference by providing so much leverage.

Operating this electric wine opener is actually pretty simple. Just remove any foil from the bottle using the foil cutter, hold the device over the top of the bottle, and press the down button on the switch.

The electric wine opener will spring into action, removing the cork and stopping automatically when done. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds, making it much quicker than tussling with a stubborn winged corkscrew or a flimsy wine key. To retrieve your cork, simply press the up button on the switch and wait for the cork to pop out.

When I showed it to my sisters, one thought it was an immersion blender, and the other thought it was a personal massager. Many similar products on the market feature a clear window at the bottom of the device through which you can see the actual corkscrew mechanism, perhaps so that nobody mistakes their wine opener for, well, something else.

With this stylish electric wine opener with charging base, you'll be able to choose between a silver, red or black finish. The sleek design is easy to hold, while the powerful motor allows you to make quick work of removing the wine bottle's cork. In fact, with one press of a button, you can have the cork out of the bottle in 6 seconds.

Check the construction of the electric wine opener next. You want to invest in a model that is designed to last. Look for a wine opener that is made using a high-quality stainless steel top with a translucent bottom, so you can view the inner corkscrew mechanism. Users simply place the opener over the bottle, press the button on the opener and watch in amazement as the machine carefully and quickly removes the cork.

Consider going with an electric wine opener that is able to hold a long charge. For example, the Oster Cordless Foil Cutter Electric Wine Opener is fully charged after just 6 hours. Once charged, the unit can open as many as 30 bottles before it needs to be recharged. It is UL approved for 110-120 voltage.

Whether shopping for yourself or someone special, ease of use is likely top of mind. For this reason, you may find it helpful to know that wine-loving seniors and individuals who suffer from arthritis, wrist pain or a weakened grip tend to gravitate towards electric bottle openers. As Marshall said, electric corkscrews are undeniably the easiest to use!

Rechargeable Base Place the electric wine opener on the charging base when not in use; the green light lets you know when the unit is fully charged. The electric wine opener can open up to 30 bottles when fully charged.

An easy to use wine opener to make entertainment simple and enjoyable! A blue light shines through the action window as the cork is removed with ease by the press of a button. This rechargeable opener comes with a foil cutter that doubles as a stand for the corkscrew.

My grandfather-in-law sent me one of these when he found out I was an avid wine drinker. At first I hated it, but it was just so easy to use. I used it for about a year straight before spring-cleaning sent it to Goodwill. Perfect for the elderly or arthritis-weary wine lover This type of wine opener is awesome for people who have trouble opening things. No shame in that.

If you open a lot of older bottles that are corked with natural cork then the Ah-So might be a great type of wine opener for you. An Ah-So is an elegant design, but you have to be careful not to push the cork into the bottle. You can find it here on Check out a variation for super old corks called the Durand Corkscrew

Includes electric wine opener, micro-USB charging cord, foil cutter, and user manualApproximate measurements: Wine Opener 7.9" x 2"; Cord 40"1-year Limited Manufacturer's WarrantyImported

You don't need something fancy to open a bottle of wine. Sommeliers, winemakers, and beverage directors all told us that a double-hinged wine key (also known as a waiter's corkscrew) is the best kind of wine opener. It provides excellent leverage and also comes with a small blade to cut the foil off your bottle. "The classic double-hinged waiter's corkscrew is the gold standard that people should master. It is probably one of the most common types in the wine world," said Peter Mondavi, Jr., co-proprietor of Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley.

We've also included other options in case you prefer a quick electric opener or something for your older bottles. Learn about the differences between wine opener types (wine key, winged corkscrew, lever, Ah-So, and more). After opening 36 bottles of wine, we found the best five wine openers to keep in your drawer. There are photos and videos throughout this article to show you exactly how to use each wine opener.

It's hard to find a corkscrew that's both this affordable and effective, plus it comes in more than two dozen colors. You could easily stock up on a few of these openers and they'd still cost less than a nice bottle of wine.

Most kinds of wine openers require some physical effort and hand mobility. An electric wine opener is much more accessible. To use Secura's wine opener, all you need to do is press and hold the "down" button and it will insert the screw into the cork and take it out of the bottle. When you press the "up" button, it pushes the cork off the screw.

It takes eight hours to charge, and the accompanying charging base is compact and unassuming. Since it's made mostly from stainless steel, the opener looks sleeker and feels a lot more substantial then another top competitor, Oster's electric opener.

Winged corkscrew: A wine opener with a wing on each side and a top handle that's connected to a screw in the middle. Insert the screw and twist the handle to push the screw deeper. As you're pushing the screw in, the wings on each side should lift up. Once the screw is deep enough, hold and push down the outer wings to remove the cork.

Ah-So opener: A wine opener with one long prong and one shorter prong. It's used to remove delicate or old corks. To use it, wiggle the long prong in between the cork and bottle. Then wiggle the shorter prong in, and twist the handle slowly to remove the cork.

How often and where you drink wine: Your wine consumption habits will affect what kind of opener you like, how many to buy, and how much you're willing to spend. For example, you can buy a lever corkscrew to keep in your kitchen drawer in addition to a compact waiter's key to take out on picnics and vacations.

I tested each wine opener on four bottles of wine: two bottles of Barefoot Wine, which uses synthetic cork, and two bottles of Trader Joe's Charles Shaw (aka "Two-Buck Chuck"), which uses natural cork. In this initial round of testing, I opened 36 bottles of wine.

The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener combines an European inspired cordless design with a new ultra fast rechargeable motor that opens up to 40 bottles, all on a single charge. With the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener, opening a bottle of wine is effortless, quick and entertaining. The Nouveaux introduces a celebrated design incorporating elegant curves that allow it to stand vertically without the use of a separate base or stand. Designed for home and restaurant use, the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric removes a wine bottle cork with the gentle push of a button. Unlike other electric wine openers, it features a transparent corkscrew shell that makes the cork removal process completely visible. When in use or while being recharged with the included USB-A to USB-C fast-charging cable, the Nouveaux illuminates its transparent bottom shell with calming blue indicator lights. A completely cordless wine opener, the Nouveaux opens both natural and synthetic corks, and features an ergonomic grip for easy handling. With its fashionable design, high quality materials and durable construction, The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener is the ultimate companion to every wine bottle. 041b061a72

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