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Growtopia 3.96 APK - Experience the Infinite Possibilities of Growtopia

Growtopia APK 3.96: A Sandbox Platformer MMO for Android

Do you love sandbox games where you can create your own world, explore different dimensions, and interact with other players? If yes, then you should try Growtopia, a free-to-play game that lets you do all that and more. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Growtopia APK 3.96, the latest version of the game for Android devices. We will also show you how to download and install it, and give you some tips and tricks to enjoy the game better.

growtopia apk 3.96

What is Growtopia?

Growtopia is a sandbox platformer MMO that was released in 2013 by Robinson Technologies and Hamumu Software, and later acquired by Ubisoft Entertainment in 2017. The game is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and consoles. The game has over 20 million players worldwide, and has been nominated for several awards.

In Growtopia, you can build anything you can imagine, from castles and dungeons to pixel art and music. You can also play with millions of players online, chat with them, make friends, or enemies. You can trade items and create your own economy, or join a guild and participate in events. The game is constantly updated with new features and content, so you will never run out of things to do.

Features of Growtopia

Build anything you can imagine

Growtopia gives you the freedom to create your own world using hundreds of different blocks and items. You can use basic blocks like dirt, wood, stone, or glass, or use more advanced ones like portals, doors, signs, or switches. You can also use special items like seeds, gems, wings, or pets. You can combine different items to create new ones, or splice seeds to grow new types of blocks. You can also use tools like wrenches, hammers, or paint buckets to customize your world.

Play with millions of players online

Growtopia is not just a single-player game. You can also join other players' worlds, or invite them to yours. You can chat with them using text or voice messages, or use emojis and gestures to express yourself. You can make friends or enemies, depending on how you interact with them. You can also play mini-games with them, such as parkour, racing, quizzes, or PvP battles. You can also join a guild and cooperate with other members to complete quests and earn rewards.

Trade items and create your own economy

Growtopia is not just a creative game. It is also a trading game. You can trade items with other players using the in-game currency called gems. Gems can be earned by playing the game, watching ads, or buying them with real money. You can use gems to buy items from the store, or from other players' shops. You can also sell your own items to other players using vending machines or display boxes. You can also use gems to buy world locks, which are used to protect your world from griefers.

How to download and install Growtopia APK 3.96

Requirements and compatibility

To download and install Growtopia APK 3.96 on your Android device, you need to have the following requirements and compatibility:

  • Your device must have Android 4.0 or higher.

  • Your device must have at least 100 MB of free storage space.

  • Your device must have a stable internet connection.

  • Your device must support OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher.

If your device meets these requirements, you can proceed to the next step.

Steps to download and install

To download and install Growtopia APK 3.96 on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Growtopia at and click on the "Download" button.

  • Select the "Android" option and you will be redirected to the Google Play Store page of Growtopia.

  • Alternatively, you can use this direct link to download Growtopia APK 3.96 from .

  • Once the download is complete, open the file and tap on "Install".

  • Allow the app to access your device's permissions and wait for the installation to finish.

  • Launch the app and enjoy playing Growtopia!

Tips and tricks for playing Growtopia

If you are new to Growtopia, or want to improve your skills, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

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  • Start by completing the tutorial world, which will teach you the basics of the game, such as how to move, jump, punch, build, and chat.

  • Explore different worlds and find ones that suit your interests. You can use the world search feature or the random world button to find new worlds.

  • Be careful of scammers and hackers who might try to steal your items or hack your account. Never share your password or personal information with anyone, and use world locks to protect your worlds.

  • Earn gems by breaking blocks, harvesting trees, completing quests, or watching ads. You can use gems to buy items from the store or from other players.

  • Learn how to splice seeds and grow new types of blocks. You can find recipes for different items on the wiki or in-game guides.

  • Join a guild and participate in events and competitions. You can also create your own guild and invite other players to join.

  • Have fun and be respectful to other players. You can make friends or enemies, but remember that Growtopia is a game for everyone.

Why you should play Growtopia APK 3.96

Growtopia is a game that offers endless possibilities and fun for players of all ages and backgrounds. Here are some reasons why you should play Growtopia APK 3.96:

Pros and cons of Growtopia APK 3.96


  • It is free-to-play and does not require any registration or subscription.

  • It is constantly updated with new features and content, so you will never get bored.

  • It has a large and active community of players from all over the world, who can help you or challenge you.

  • It has a variety of genres and themes, from adventure and fantasy to sci-fi and horror.

  • It has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use and customize.


  • It can be addictive and time-consuming, so you need to manage your time wisely.

  • It can be laggy or buggy sometimes, especially on older devices or slow networks.

  • It can be frustrating or annoying when you encounter scammers, hackers, or trolls who might ruin your experience.

  • It can be difficult or confusing to learn all the mechanics and features of the game, especially for beginners.

  • It can be expensive or unfair if you want to buy gems or items with real money, as some items are rare or overpriced.

What's new in Growtopia APK 3.96

Bug fixes and improvements

The developers of Growtopia are always working hard to fix any bugs or glitches that might affect the game performance or quality. In this version, they have fixed some minor issues such as:

  • The chat filter not working properly for some languages.

  • The inventory not showing the correct amount of items after trading.

  • The camera not moving smoothly when zooming in or out.

  • The game crashing or freezing when loading some worlds or items.

These bug fixes and improvements should make the game more stable and enjoyable for everyone.

New items and events

Growtopia is always adding new items and events to keep the game fresh and exciting. In this version, they have added some new items such as:

  • The Summerfest Pack, which contains a variety of summer-themed items such as sunglasses, hats, swimsuits, surfboards, and more.

  • The Summer Surprise, which is a random item that you can get by breaking Summerfest blocks or using Summer Tokens.

  • The Summer Token, which is a currency that you can use to buy Summerfest items from the store or from other players.

  • The Summer Pinata, which is a special item that you can break to get gems, items, or tokens.

  • The Summerfest Crown, which is a rare item that you can get by completing the Summerfest quests or by trading with other players.

These new items and events should make the game more fun and colorful for everyone.

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