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How to Survive The Presence in SONG OF HORROR PC Game

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SONG OF HORROR PC Game Free Download


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Stasis PC game has been set in the distant future. Where John Maracheck has waked from the stasis in an abandoned spaceship. Now for his survival he needs to push himself to newer physical and emotional limits. He is in extreme pain as he has lost his wife and daughter. He has to solve lots of puzzles and unleash different mysteries. For this the player needs to click, read and interact for exploring the gloomy corners and gather inventory items. It has got impressive graphics which has brought new angle to the adventure games. Stasis has got impressive soundtrack composed by the legendary musician Mark Morgan. You may also like to download Galactic Civilizations III.

Horror titles are no longer the niche genre they used to be, with terrors and frights now a remarkably popular medium for both films and games. Luckily for fans of fear and Xbox Game Pass owners, there is a downright treasure trove of horror games available on the Xbox Game Pass library.

A game does not need to be riddled with bloody scenes or heartstopping jumpscares in order to be a top-notch horror game. As a matter of fact, the most important thing a game needs to have to be one with this genre is the right atmosphere. And Inside has atmosphere in spades. Without ever having a character in the game utter a word, Inside tells a gripping story of a boy running from hostile forces that are out to capture him, murder him, or worse. It does this by amazing environmental story-telling techniques.

More in the vein of a thriller than a gruesome horror game, Telling Lies nonetheless is a chilling title to experience. Players must examine various video recordings to piece together the truth of an event, and the scope of how little privacy the characters have is haunting. The very beginning is shrouded in mystery as you do not have a clue why your character has apparently tasked themselves with sifting through these videos.

Some horror games on your own can be downright terrifying, but when you're paired up with a pal, sometimes that need of having to rely on someone in a stressful and scary situation can make things all the more frightening.

The paranoia of having to rely on someone else to help when it hits the fan can make for exciting and frightening moments and a lot of great multiplayer horror games have caught on to this. There is a plethora of them out there and each one can send shivers down your spine and screams throughout your house. Even though it can often be difficult to find the gold within the huge piles of copy-paste clones, there are some brilliant ones worth checking out. So with that in mind here are some of the best horror games out there to play with friends.

Explore a seemingly endless and procedurally generated hedge maze from hell in Labyrinthine by Valko Game Studios. This co-op horror game tasks you and up to three other friends with the goal of solving tricky puzzles, finding special items, and escaping your endlessly twisting prison.

Fresh off the popularity of its predecessor Salt and Sacrifice is the latest Soulslike from Ska Studios. A 2D dungeon crawling Metroidvania game with a thick coating of otherworldly horror on top. Set in a different time period and location from the last game, Salt and Sacrifice has you saving the land from further corruption by consuming evil mages.

Ash Williams is the main man at the gory, bleeding heart of the Evil Dead franchise, which finally got its very own asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. The aptly named Evil Dead: The Game is a 4v1 experience where one player commands the demon summoning powers of a Kandarian Demon in a bid to destroy the four survivors looking to protect their realm from its invasion. This game's got characters and locations based on various Evil Dead films, the ability to take control of random demons, plenty of chainsaw-swinging action, and the same slapstick humor the series is known for.

The 80s era of horror movies still resonates with a lot of diehard followers of the genre. Video Horror Society is pretty much a playable dedication to that awesome period of big screen frights, which is why we're recommending it here for you all to play. This 4v1 game pits a team of young teens armed with elemental-based weapons against a player that utilizes the horrifying abilities of abominations lifted right from video cassette boxes in a creepy rental store.

Lunch Lady makes its lesson very clear - no one gets ahead by cheating. And that fact comes through the main premise of this game where a group of kids breaks into their school to find the answers for their final exams. But in the process of doing so, the gruesome-looking beast this game is named after hunts them down and scares the hell out of them every time she pops up in their viewpoint. Prepare yourself and your friends for a heart-stopping good time with this online co-op survival horror game.

If the answer is "no"... you obviously haven't been playing any of the excellent horror games available on Nintendo Switch. There's no shortage of scary games on the console, but you may well be wondering which are the best Switch horror games to load up when you're in the house alone on a darkened night and in the mood for a fright.

This series is granddaddy of survival horror games, so it's obviously going to feature on this list. Resident Evil Revelations Collection combines both the original 3DS title Revelations and Revelations 2 (although the sequel is a download code if you buy physical, so beware) and provides some excellent over-the-shoulder scares. Both are available separately on the eShop and the latter is ideal for co-op if you have a friend. In fact, we'd recommend you bring someone else along - it might be less scary that way...

Kind of a boring list in my opinion. Nothing against the article but the lack of good horror games on switch. Imagine if We had a true vc how much better this could've been. ( zombies ate my neighbors, castlevania etc).

@MagnaRoader The remake of Corpse Party, a 2D pixel art horror put together in RPG Maker, scared the bejeebers out of me. So yes, 2D pixel games can be very effective. Not super keen on the one coming to Switch, though, with the chibi 3D style.

Such as: Resi Evil 4 (especially Wii Edition, one of my fav all time games), RE Revelations, Alien Isolation, Limbo & Inside. Stories Untold is on my wishlist, haven't got round to downloading it yet.

Granted Remothered has flaws such as the killers hanging around the rooms in the house you need to be. And the Mirrors only healing Laura so much before they crack. Still the best survival horror game since Maiden of the Dark Water

Interesting how horror games are not really a genre I am super interested in, yet I have played and enjoyed around seven on the above list. Not just the Resi Evil games either. Inside, Limbo, Alien Isolation etc... They're quality video games

Alien: Isolation was one of my first legitimate horror games. Just imagine a survival-horror Metroid game in the style of Alien: Isolation. Metroid Prime, but in the same sort of stealth as Metroid Dread. Not only would it be something very cool, but it would definitely bring the Metroid series back full circle with its Alien franchise roots.

There are only two ways I can play a horror game. I can either avoid death at all costs and be perpetually on the verge of a heart attack, or I can occasionally make a suicidal charge at whatever's trying to kill me to remind myself that there are no actual consequences.

Now I know this is an unpopular opinion, but Alan Wake on Switch, from my experience in handheld with it, is a perfectly enjoyable and well written horror game which, I'm going to say it, despite its obvious visual downgrades, still looks great at times (and yes, terrible at other times). It runs just fine, it plays great, it moves at a fantastic pace, and its story is always a joy to return to.

Enjoy some extra teen horror flair with The Quarry Deluxe Edition (Digital), which includes a suite of bonus content! On consoles, purchasing The Quarry Deluxe Edition (Digital) entitles digital versions of the game on new-gen and last-gen platforms within the same console family:

An abandoned toy factory is the perfect setting for a horror game, and MOB Games sends players into the heart of a derelict facility haunted by its very creations. Blood-splattered floors warn of the terrors that lie ahead in this free two-part experience.

The game tends to feel like a marriage of State of Decay and DayZ, with a heavier emphasis on teamwork. Dead Frontier II is PvP, so expect to meet a few antagonistic players as you search for supplies and survivors and bash away at shamblers. Set in a surprisingly large open world for a free game, Dead Frontier II offers plenty for players to do during their quest for survival.

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